In-House Training

Looking for an entirely flexible approach to training that allows you to learn on your own premises, within your own company environment, and at a pace and level that suits your team? If so, LRQA In-House Training is your best option. We offer your team the opportunity to experience training focused on your organization’s management system, plus we offer:

  • Cost effective options – we come to you so your employee travel costs are minimized or even eliminated.
  • Location convenience to suit you and your participants.
  • Focus on real issues to help you achieve your objectives.
  • Experienced trainers who can adapt to meet participant needs and deliver results.
  • Cross-departmental understanding that promotes team building and team knowledge.

Why is In-House our #1 training seller?

There are many reasons. Primarily however, we find that organizations like the flexibility that LRQA In-House Training offers. It means that we can address your specific needs and set of circumstances with highly appropriate and targeted training.  And, it’s ideal when you have a group of delegates to train.

Why is my management system isn't certified?

A number of our clients choose training in the early stages of setting up their management systems while others choose to use training as a tool to improve what they already have.  In short, it really doesn’t matter where you are in the cycle, we can help prepare your team to drive continual improvement, manage change, develop or improve their internal auditing capability and more.

How can In-House training benefit my organization?

How well is your management system working for you? A robust management system should drive continual improvement and be an aid in identifying business improvements. In-House Training using practical examples delivered by highly qualified and experienced professionals can give you and your team the skills needed to effect change.  And, in today’s tough economic climate, companies need the reassurance that the training they choose is going to bring demonstrable return.  In addition, In-House Training can be a more cost effective option offering an excellent return on your investment.

What if I want something a little more unusual? 

No problem. We have designed and delivered many different types of training options including briefings, workshops, tutored or live audits, or any combination of these.  And, we understand that each company is unique with a unique management system. This means we can design a training solution to meet your particular set of circumstances and requirements.  This also means that we’ll work with you to understand the issues facing your organization and work to offer you training that will help meet those needs.

What can you tell me about the course instructors? 

Our Training Instructors’ goal is to ease learning rather than lecture. They use the latest thinking, real experiences and practical models to ensure learning can be transferred back to the workplace.  They also apply practical concepts to make our courses relevant, memorable and actively encourage participant involvement.  For additional information, view our Instructor Biographies.

In House Training courses we offer

Tailor a public course to be conducted in your premises

EMS Management Briefing (In House only)

You need this course if you are thinking of pursuing ISO 14001 certification and want to raise your awareness and understanding of the standard and how it links to effective business control and performance.

ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditor -IRCA

The programme is for participants aspiring to be an internal QMS Auditor. You will learn the roles and responsibilities involved and the effective audit methods, processes, and reporting procedures.