LRQA Global Food Safety Conference Blog Series: “Triple S”; Groenveld’s One Big Wish for the Global Food Supply Chain

Hundreds of food safety specialists from across the world will be gathering in Kuala Lumpur between 3-5 March for the GFSI Global Food Safety Conference. LRQA will be both exhibiting and presenting at this key event.  Here, LRQA’s Global Head of Food Supply Chain Services, Cor Groenveld, shares his one big wish that he would like to have for the global food supply chain in 2015 .

“I would like to introduce a term here called ‘Triple S’ and with Triple S, what I mean is that what we need is sufficient, safe and sustainable food. Sufficient because we are growing at an ever expanding population; what is the use of having safer sustainable food when there is not enough food?  This is compounded by the fact that there is still widespread malnutrition, with many dying simply because there is not enough food. So I think that this is absolutely a worry that we need to work on together, that’s absolutely a shared responsibility where we need to collaborate.

Another thing of course is that you can have sufficient food but when it’s not safe you have still a problem and we see many people around the world still having illnesses, still dying because of contaminated water, contaminated food.

Finally sustainable; we need to ensure that our planet can provide enough food to feed our expanding population.

So I think Triple S is combining the three most important elements where we need to concentrate on in the coming decades. I hope that together with developing and improving management systems to support the food supply chain to ensure that we meet those objectives together with the collaboration and shared responsibilities of the different stakeholders serving the global food supply chain.   Also we need to work together with other stakeholders such as food authorities, to combine our strengths, because food authorities also need to have support from the supply chain and also with academics to have smarter systems, to use data to have smarter technologies that can support achieving these goals.  So for me it’s Triple S – share the responsibility, working on sufficient, safe and sustainable food.”

Cor Groenveld is Global Head of Food Supply Chain Services and Chairman of the Board for the Foundation for Food Safety Certification

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