LRQA ISO Standards Revisions - ISO/DIS 14001:2014 Draft International Standard Analysis; an LRQA Perspective

The publication of ISO/DIS 14001:2014 - the Draft  International Standard (DIS) for international environmental management system (EMS) standard ISO 14001 - signifies the first time all current and future users can access and review the proposed changes to the standard. As a result, organisations will be able to start planning for their transition to the new standard when it is published (currently forecast by ISO to be September 2015). 
The DIS contains both new elements and existing elements that are changing and ‘ISO/DIS 14001:2014 Draft International Standard Analysis - An LRQA Perspective’, authored by Steve Williams LRQA System & Governance Manager, aims to provide Interested Parties with insight into the potential impact of the changes on organisations. 
To support the analysis, LRQA has also issued a Q&A against ten of the most commonly asked questions around the publication of the DIS, to include what organisations should be thinking about in terms of planning their transition to the new standard. 
LRQA participates in all of the major committees helping to shape the future of the world’s leading ISO standards through our membership of the Independent International Organisation for Certification (IIOC). 
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