LRQA verifies Orb Energy’s Solar Project against Gold Standard

Orb’s Solar Project will reduce GHG emissions while creating local employment and promoting sustainable development

LRQA has verified the Orb Energy Solar Project in India against the Gold Standard (GS).  The project involved the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal systems in the state of Karnataka. The aim was to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by substituting conventional fossil fuels and grid electricity through the installation of solar PV and solar thermal systems. The contract was awarded by JP Morgan Ventures Energy Corporation who selected LRQA as their preferred verifying agency in South Asia.

The project involved the installation of 19,303 solar water heaters and 13,667 solar PV systems which resulted in the provision of more affordable and cleaner energy for the local residents. Such initiatives to provide affordable energy solutions from renewable sources, adds significant value to society, particularly in an energy deficit economy like India. This has in turn created more than 500 permanent jobs and many temporary/indirect jobs through its supply chain, thereby securing livelihoods for both skilled and unskilled workers of the state. With a focus on sustainability, the added bonus resulting from the project is that any used batteries generated by the solar PV systems have been correctly recycled, thereby minimising any negative environmental impacts.

“This contract takes LRQA into an area of the global carbon market which seeks not only reduce GHG emissions but also create tangible benefits for local people, and we look forward to continuing to add value to society through subsequent verifications,” said Archak Pattanaik, Climate Change Services Manager of LRQA South West Asia.

“Following the successful delivery of this GS contract, the LRQA team is expanding our service scope to new carbon markets and we are already creating project demand that will generate positive returns for both local communities and stakeholders,” said Krishna K. Nair, Business Centre Manager of LRQA South West Asia.

Since entering the GS market in 2013, LRQA India has been steadily increasing its portfolio of climate change and sustainability services through the delivery of verification services against GS and VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) contracts.