LRQA Certifies Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo to IT Security Standard ISO 27001

Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo - a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) – has been certified to International IT Security Management System Standard ISO 27001. 
Raiffeisen Bank offers a wide range of banking services and products for a diverse range of clients including individuals, small and medium enterprises as well as major corporate clients. Since entering Kosovo, Raiffeisen Bank has grown their market share through the consistent delivery of products and services to the local market across a wide range of sectors.
Their certification journey began some time ago.  In order to support their business activities and to ensure that they continue to offer high quality banking services to their customers, Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo has made an ongoing investment into their IT and Operations.   In recognition of this, Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo became one of the first companies in the region to be certified by LRQA for ISO 20000 – the international standard for IT service management.
Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo has been very active in supporting various activities in sport, culture, education and social welfare and in previous years has been awarded Best Company in Kosovo for Corporate Social Responsibility by the American Chamber of Commerce and the United Nations Development Program.
Commenting on their most recent certification to ISO 27001, Shukri Mustafa, Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo Board Member and COO said: “Taking into consideration that we deal with customers’ sensitive information, we are obligated to safeguard them. We invest continuously in both technology and people in order to ensure the Bank handles customers’ information in accordance with international recognised standards. Thus, the certification against ISO 27001 confirms that we offer services in line with the international standards.”

2014-04 Raiffeisen Bank