LRQA’s assessments help India-based client win prestigious award

Mr Uday Purohit , Managing Director, Neptunus Power Plant Services Pvt. Ltd. is one of three mid-market CEOs to win a prestigious competition and get a chance to build a 5-year growth plan developed by industry experts.

Mr Uday Purohit, Managing Director, Neptunus Power Plant Services Private Ltd, a client who has been with Lloyds’ Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) for the last 14 years, has attributed LRQA’s approach to assessments as a significant factor in winning a prestigious award.

The ‘Microsoft Completely Boss’ challenge is a unique opportunity for leaders, CEOs and directors of midsize businesses to highlight their achievements. The winners get a chance to have Microsoft (technology), LinkedIn (talent), (media), WebChutney (marketing), DOOR (business consulting) and CRISIL SME Ratings (knowledge) develop robust 5-year business growth plans for their companies.

The criteria for selection included customer focus, business processes, code of ethics and conduct, financial performance, growth plans, management commitment and excellence, contribution to society and human resource management.

The initiative is India's first platform to reward and celebrate outstanding business leaders from the thriving mid-market sector, wherein 2500 CEOs from across 7 cities (Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai) contested in three rounds of the competition, which culminated in Mr. Uday Purohit being crowned one of the three winners.

As a Marine engineer in the merchant navy, Mr Purohit has worked with leading organisations such as Cargill, Mobil Oil and Dole Fresh Fruits and the experience that he gained paved the way for him to initiate Neptunus Power Plant Services, a ‘one stop shop’ offering repairing and maintenance solution to Industrial, Oil and Gas and Marine customers.

LRQA has certified Neptunus for International Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001 covering the following scope :

• The repair and maintenance of diesel engines and turbochargers and supply of related spares. 
• The manufacture of engine components to customer’s specifications.
• Trading in diesel engine spares.

Commenting on his award, Mr Uday Purohit said, “Our customer focus has found acceptance with some of the largest companies globally. Clients don’t question our processes any more. 14 years with LRQA gives them a great sense of comfort. What really has been the key for us is the approach of the LRQA auditors. They have challenged us to look beyond mere compliance. The Quality Management System is a powerful medium to control our processes and eliminate errors. LRQA has a reputation of being stringent in awarding certification, and that has only helped our reputation. It has been a worthwhile journey together. I cannot stress the importance of a good Quality Management System and a good certification partner, especially for small businesses.”