LRQA’S Groenveld celebrates double milestone for FSSC 22000 food safety management certification scheme

The Foundation for Food Safety Certification was founded in 2004 and developed and owns the GFSI-recognised FSSC 22000 – the complete food safety management system certification scheme.  LRQA’s Cor Groenveld, Global Head of Food Supply Chain Services at LRQA is also Chairman of the Board of the Foundation.

Launched some five years ago, FSSC 22000 has enjoyed remarkable growth during this period.  “This year the Foundation and FSSC 22000 have reached a milestone”, said Groenveld; “not only is it the fifth year anniversary since the launch of FSSC 22000, but now there are over 5000 certificates issued for manufacturing of food products and ingredients, and food packaging material around the world, with the majority being issued in the last 2 years.”

2013-06 FSSC milestone chart and graph

As a non-profit organisation the Foundation facilitates and owns the scheme and manages its copyright with licence agreements. The actual responsibility and authority for the content of the scheme and management of the delivered certification audits is the Board of Stakeholders, represented by the relevant stakeholders of the food supply chain.

Besides the copyright management the Foundation also:

• focuses on the international compliance and adaptability of Food Safety Standards
• focuses on the development and maintenance of certification and inspection systems for Food Safety
• promotes the international use of these Food Safety systems
• provides services to support the certification of Food Safety systems
• provides information on Food Safety issues

“The FSSC 22000 certification scheme uses a process and system based audit approach to food safety, helping our clients to manage their risks and improve their performance,” said Groenveld.  “The scheme uses independent international standards like ISO 22000 - the requirements for Food Safety Management Systems, and sector specific technical specifications for pre-requisite programs like ISO 22002-1 for food manufacturing and PAS 223 for packaging material manufacturing.  With our many FSSC 22000 clients worldwide, LRQA is delighted to see the growth of this scheme which is playing a key role in helping to drive food safety across the global food supply chain,” concluded Groenveld.

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