LRQA’S Cor Groenveld features in food safety virtual conference

Cor Groenveld

On 26th June, 2013,Cor Groenveld- LRQA Global Head of Food Supply Chain Services & Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for Food Safety Certification – will take centre stage at the world’s first virtual food safety conference. The conference has been organised by the International Food Safety & Quality Network (IFSQN) - the leading website for food safety standards information and discussion with over 15000 members worldwide. 

Cor will present his session from 12pm to 1pm (London time*) on ‘how audit integrity and certification underpins global food safety’. In his session, Cor will demonstrate how a management systems-based approach to food safety, combining harmonised global standards and consistent, robust assessment underpinned with the highest level of auditing, is leading to increased consumer confidence in the global food supply chain.

Conference highlights:

                      • 14 hours of back to back presentations on the industry’s hottest trends

                      • Conference timescale enables live attendance on global level*

                      • Post event recorded version available

                      • Live chat functionality

                      • World-class speakers including LRQA’s Cor Groenveld and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)

                      • The chance to interact with food safety professionals from around the world

                      • Free to attend


Join Cor and other world class speakers by registering today. Space for this virtual conference is limited to the first 1000 delegates, so secure your place by registering  here

Cor will also be speaking at the 2013 GFSI Focus Day in Beijing along with Andy Du, Regional Food Specialist, LRQA China, on the same day.


*Cor's session will be available at the following times: (EMEA; 12 pm British Summer Time [BST], London), (ASIA; 7 pm China), (AMERICAS; 6 am Houston).