LRQA ISO Standards Update - ISO votes to add Health & Safety Standard

Since its launch in 1999, OHSAS 18001 - the internationally developed and accepted guidance for Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems - has enjoyed worldwide adoption and growth, whilst maintaining its’ independence from the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO). 

The lack of a Health & Safety Standard from ISO themselves has often triggered the question ‘why?’ given that organisations embarking on triple certification do so primarily to Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety.

However, this is now all set to change: On June 11th 2013 the countries represented in ISO voted to accept a new work item proposal for the development of a new international management systems standard (MSS) for Health & Safety.  As a result a new Technical Committee (TC) for developing this new MSS will be formed with the structure of OHSAS 18001 forming the basis for this new ISO standard.

Commenting on this development, Steve Williams, Deputy Technical Director for LRQA said; “As this working group has not yet been launched, it currently cannot be determined as to when this standard might be published. What we can say with some confidence is that the new standard will incorporate the common text from Annex SL.  Annex SL is a structure, decided upon by ISO, which the MSS shall be using as a basis during new developments and revisions. “

LRQA will continue to provide updates on the ISO standards revisions – including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 - as soon as they become available.

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