LRQA Greece approves first private maritime security company - Diaplous Maritime Services - to ISO/PAS 28007

LRQA Greece announces that it has certified its first Greek private maritime security services client, Diaplous Maritime Services – to the maritime security management system standard, ISO/PAS 28007.

Announcing the news, LRQA Greece Business Centre Manager, John Kalafatis commented: "Certification to the ISO/PAS 28007 standard clearly shows that Diaplous Maritime Services has made a commitment to customer service, quality, safety and risk management processes. They are the first private maritime security company (PMSC) in the Greek and Cypriot Market to be approved according to this demanding certification”.

ISO/PAS 28007, as part of the ISO 28000 family of security standards, gives established guidelines to PMSCs that supply privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) on board ships. Certification to these standards demonstrates to the international community that they, and their operatives, can legally, safely and effectively guard shipping.

Commenting on their certification from LRQA, Antonis Papaioannou from Diaplous Maritime Services said, “as a leading provider of private security services, we are delighted to be the only Greek company among a small group of prestigious PMSC`s to have been certified by LRQA with the new ISO/PAS 28007, thereby enabling us to offer even more reliable services to the shipping industry.”

LRQA is one of three certification bodies participating in the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) pilot scheme. UKAS has been appointed to assess certification companies offering assessment to ISO/PAS 28007, verifying that it uses competent assessors with the correct qualifications and that rigorous, tested auditing process are being followed. This is key in ensuring the confidence of the shipping market. It is expected that the accreditation process will be completed by the end of the year.

Further information about LRQA’s ISO/PAS 28007 services is available at (LRQA Ελλάδα - ISO/PAS 28007) or contact