LRQA Australasia Hosts Chinese Government Delegation

LRQA has recently played host to 21 Chinese Government Officials in Australia to learn more around the organisational benefits of becoming certified to International Standards.
Every year the Chinese government sponsors public servants to go overseas for training or studies to improve their skills and knowledge by learning from their foreign counterparts, including legislations, regulations and sharing best practice.
This year’s delegation were from China’s Quarantine and Inspection Bureau and LRQA was asked to present the benefits of quality assurance and the certification process, which helps to provide insights for driving continuous improvement within their organisations.
Hosted in their new Training Centre in Melbourne, Maurice Laratro, Area Manager of Australasia, Malaysia and Thailand discussed how LRQA’s assessment approach helps companies improve performance and reduce risk and shared insights with members of the audience. 
“This event provided an opportunity to strengthen business relations between Australia and China. We hope that the information provided today is equally relevant to the Chinese Quarantine and Inspection Bureau as it is to our Australian clients,” summarised Laratro.

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Australia Chinese delegation Dec 13