LRQA hosts United Nations World Meteorology Organization (WMO) Quality Management Task Team

National meteorological services around the world face many challenges, one of which is providing critical information to airlines. Decisions that are made based on their forecasts and warnings can and do have, direct impacts on the safe and economic global operations of the aviation industry. For example, the 2010 closure of European airspace as a result of a volcanic ash cloud from the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland had profound impacts.

LRQA’s certification of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (Bureau) to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard confirmed the management system effectively supports the demands that would be placed on them if there was a significant event. One of the critical success factors for a quality management system is a rigorous audit regime and as such the Australian Bureau of Meteorology maintains a robust schedule of internal audits. These audits are complemented by LRQA's comprehensive and demanding surveillance (external) audit program. The Bureau considers that LRQA's highly professional and non-comprising approach to its audits provides a sound foundation for its aviation weather service programme. 

Last week, 12 representatives from meteorological services from around the world, gathered in Melbourne to discuss the ongoing development and implementation of a quality management approach to the delivery of weather and ocean services globally.

At the event, guests were provided with the opportunity to hear from LRQA’s aviation weather specialist assessor, Les Blackwell. Les provided an insight into the role of an external certification body auditor. He emphasised to the participants how national weather services could use a quality management approach to identify efficiency opportunities. He also highlighted some of the challenges that can be encountered whilst implementing and maintaining a quality management approach to the delivery of aviation weather services.

Les commented that, “Meteorology services in this sector are faced with particular challenges. Faced with balancing critical safety issues and regulations with airline operations means they face multiple customers, at times with diametrically opposed expectations. The use of an implemented management system helps support effective decision making and mitigating risks”.

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