Committee updates for Occupational Health & Safety as well as Anti-Bribery & Corruption for ISO Standards revisions

LRQA can confirm that an ISO Project Committee (PC) 283 has been established as a result of the positive vote on the new work proposal for the development of an ISO standard built upon OHSAS 18001 - the internationally-recognised and adopted British Standard for Occupational Health and Safety. 
“The task facing PC 283 is now to establish the Technical Committee (TC) which will be responsible for the development of the standard itself,” said David Lawson, Technical Director at LRQA.   “However, before this can happen, ISO is faced with the challenge of consolidating all of the different approaches to OHSAS around the world to produce a generic model that is acceptable to both the developed and developing world.” 

Elsewhere, LRQA has learnt that the existing Technical Committee ISO TC 248 has a new work item, specifically to develop an ISO standard for a management system to address measures for anti-bribery and corruption.

“With BS 10500 currently being available within the anti-bribery and corruption arena, we anticipate that the introduction of this new ISO standard will lead to greater global adoption of these anti-bribery measures,” commented Steve Williams, Deputy Technical Director, LRQA.

Both of these new standards are most likely to incorporate the Annex SL common text and structure.


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