As the doors open to this year’s Carbon Expo, Madlen King explains the World Bank PMR and the IETA B-PMR initiatives

With many developing countries applying to the World Bank for assistance and funding to develop local mitigation actions, Madlen King - Global Head of Climate Change & Sustainability at LRQA – explains initiatives such as the World Bank PMR and the IETA B-PMR and the current situation relative to these.

The World Bank launched its Partnership for Market Readiness programme (or PMR) in 2012.  The programme is a partnership between developed and developing nations with the aim of supporting and facilitating developing countries to develop market-based instruments for GHG emissions reduction.

It does this through the provision of funding and sharing best practice from around the globe. Contributing countries include EU countries, Japan, Australia, the US and developing countries that have applied for and received funding include 16 countries across Asia, Latin America and EMEA. 

These countries are using this funding and expertise to undertake a variety of development tasks from: broad investigations of carbon pricing and market options across broad sectors, and developing infrastructures and monitoring, reporting and verification expertise, to designing local emissions trading schemes and integrating these into the global carbon market.

Madlen went on to explain what the IETA B-PMR is and how this links with the World Bank’s programme;

The International Emissions Trading Association has launched their Business Partnership for Market Readiness in support of the World Bank’s programme. Through IETA’s programme,  participant members from industrial and service organisations such as LRQA that are already active in the carbon market, will assist in building readiness at a business level in the WB PMR countries.

The aim is to promote common understanding with local businesses in PMR countries, and share best practices.

So far the IETA B-PMR has had one successful mission to China, to share experiences in the provinces of Guangdong and Shenzhen and has further missions planned for 2013 and 2014.

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Madlen King will be speaking at Carbon Expo, Barcelona TOMORROW on Thursday 30 May:
• 1 pm - a Post-Doha Look at the Framework for Various Approaches and New Market Mechanisms (FVA/NMM)
• 2 pm - the Business Partnership for Market Readiness (B-PMR): Supporting Businesses and Sharing Best Business Practices in the Next Wave of Carbon Markets.
Come and meet Madlen and LRQA’s other climate change technical specialists from around the world at the LRQA stand at the show - stand no. A118, Hall 5.