Food Safety and Sharing best practise

Today was the 2nd and final day of the The European Food Manufacturing and Safety Forum in Amsterdam. It was another very interesting day, with global organisations leading the majority of today’s presentations. I was fortunate enough to see the General Mills, Heinz and Nestle presentations, among others.

In relation to the work that LRQA is doing with one of our major clients, the Heinz one was of particular interest. They shared their Vendor Assurance Programme with the audience. For ne suppliers, Heinz undertake the audits themselves, but for existing and lower risk suppliers, they rely on independent, 3rd party assurance providers (and use the GFSI schemes).

Nestle were talking about sustainability and quite interesting how they showed how they did an analysis on the packaging materials. They focused on the Greenhouse gas emissions from their packaging processes. A 5-year study has helped them better understand their most relevant emissions areas and enabled them to make slight modifications that have resulted in significant CO2 reductions. It was very interesting to hear that a large number of today’s presentations went well beyond the traditional food safety areas.

General Mills had a very interesting presentation on food safety and packaging material. The General Mills presentation showed how important it is not only to have food safety within the food manufacturers themselves but also in the materials they use like packaging materials. This relates directly to the work currently ongoing to extend the PAS 220 programme to include packaging materials, among others.

Clearly, today highlighted the fact that organisations are working harder than ever to get food safety right, not only within their own organisation, but throughout their complex supply chains.

I will also be at the event in London (16th February - 18th February) which is one of the biggest global food safety conferences. 

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