Recorded Webinar | Explore the Links Between
Cyber Security and Business Continuity

The last several years have continued to see an increase in the sophistication and volume of cyber threats, with a 48% increase in targeted attacks in 2015.  You may have seen the recent press coverage relating to a ransomware attack that has impacted multiple organisations across the world. The rise of cybercrime has led to a historical high in the cost of information security breaches. What can you do to ensure your organisation’s key information assets stay safe from cyber threats?

Even when an organization’s IT cyber security response fully aligns to IT best practices and has performed well during past events, if a corporate crisis management structure exists, there are benefits in utilizing or integrating IT’s response into the existing business continuity structure, rather than having two separate response models.  The following sections highlight some of the ways organizations can better align the two response structures to increase the effectiveness of response and strengthen organization recovery.

Webinar Overview

The webinar explored the recent ransomware attacks, top ways your employees can be hacked and more importantly, how you can prevent these attacks and the impact on cyber security awareness and cost.

We discussed how the complete information security and business continuity approach could reduce and prevent attacks and minimize losses. And how you can integrate Cyber Security and Business Continuity by exploring the links between them.


  + Latest cyber-crime attacks and financial impact

  + Top ways your employees can get hacked, and how you can prevent these attacks

  + Risk management principles

  + ISMS and BCMS structure and links between them

  + Benefits of integrating ISMS and BCMS

  + Q&A

Your Speaker: Abbas Zein

Abbas Zein

Abbas is an accomplished Lead Auditor, Assessor and Trainer with over 25 years of professional practice encompassing training and auditing in a wide range of industry sectors, during which time he has acquired a proven record of delivering exceptionally high standards in auditing and training.

Abbas holds a Master’s Degree in Management Development and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Maths & Computer Science. He is also registered as a Quality Management System (QMS) Lead Auditor, with IRCA (International Register of Certificated Auditors) a division of the Chartered Quality Institute. 

He is a qualified senior lead assessor against international standards: Information Security Management System (ISO/IEC 27001), Service Management System (ISO/IEC 20000-1), Business Continuity Management System (ISO 22301), Risk Management Principles and Guidelines (ISO 31000) and Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015).

He has developed a profound knowledge and expertise of auditing within a diverse range of industry sectors including manufacturing, government, trading, services, IT and foodstuffs, and possesses extensive international experience across a wide geographical area, including the Middle East, Africa, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan.

He is currently a Senior Lead Assessor at Lloyd's Register, with responsibility for performing audits and presenting training courses. He is adept at managing a team of auditors to achieve the most accurate results, with a flair for communicating well with employees and an unrivaled reputation for establishing and cultivating excellent business relationships and networks with customers and managers. His vast experience has seen him progress to a role where he currently provides training on how to perform audits, and trains implementers to the highest international standards.