Abu Dhabi Environment Health & Safety Management Systems

3rd Party Assessment Process

Abu Dhabi Environment, Health and Safety Management System (ADEHSMS) announced for new regulations/guidelines regarding the assessment process should be done by 3rd Party Assessment for the Organizations operating in Abu Dhabi emirate, This procedure outlines the process for assessing Environment Health and Safety Management Systems vs. the requirements as per ADEHSMS Regulatory Framework V 2.0 of 2012 issued by Abu Dhabi Environment, Health and Safety Center.

Delivery Restrictions and Constraints

  • The procedure is only applicable for the assessment of Organizations operating in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi which implement ADEHSMS requirements and need 3rd party assessment.  
  • Only assessors registered with Abu Dhabi Environment Health and Safety Center (AD EHSC) shall conduct the assessments. 
  • Audits vs. ADEHSMS requirements shall be planned in addition to routine visits for ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 i.e. Stage 2, Certificate Renewal or Surveillance. 
  • Certification audits, either stage II, surveillance and/or certificate renewals do not qualify for annual 3rd Party assessment of ADEHSMS requirements, as specified by AD EHSC. Audit scope should clearly refer to “ADEHSMS requirements”. 
  • Combination with other assessments such as Stage 2, Certificate Renewal or Surveillance Visit is acceptable; however the statement that the audit includes Abu Dhabi EHMS requirements should be mentioned in the relevant documents such as the audit plan, check lists and the audit report. 
  • Depending on the Organization size and the system complexity additional time shall be required to cover the assessment vs. “ADEHSMS requirements”. 

Assessment Prerequisites

As a part compliance demonstration the Organizations should complete the following forms and make them available during the audit: 

  • Form A: Registration form  
  • Form C: Submitted to their sector authority and approved by them 
  • Form E: Quarter reports with KPIs submitted to Related Sector Authority (currently 12 sector authorities exist depending on the business sector), 
  • Form G: Incident notifications submitted to Related Sector Authority  within predetermined time frames 
  • Form G1: Incident investigation forms submitted within 30 days to Related Sector Authority  Other forms required by AD EHSMS that need to be verified by 3rd party assessors

LRQA Assessment Process and Deliverables 

  • LRQA assessment process will be applied 
  • Only assessors registered with ADEHS Centre will conduct the assessments Audit report stating that the audit is an annual 3rd party audit and includes ADEHMS Requirements. 
  • Form “F” signed by LRQA.  LRQA will sign and stamp the form after all above is met


An Environment, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) is a management tool that integrates all Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) management components of a business into one coherent system.  The integration of these components allows the business to achieve its objectives efficiency y by managing its impact to the environment and minimize occupational health and safe